Sustainable Agriculture Development Project

The sustainable agriculture development project was started through a collaboration with a local organic farm and with the villages in our Villages of Value project. This project spreads the concept of community supported agriculture to villagers, to educate them on the hazards of pesticides and genetically modified crops, to encourage them to grow ecologically, and to rebuild the relationship between man and nature. The project develops a farm-to-table program, reduces food packaging, provides fresher and more nutritious food to enhance people’s health, and educates people on how food is produced. For the farmers, the program enhances both their economic capabilities and their health, through the removal of middle men in their sales and the increased sale cost of pesticide free produce on the economic side, and though the elimination of pesticide caused health related problems. In Kunming, the first farmer’s market has been set up to help sell the organic products produced by the villages, and restaurants have also been approached to purchase these products. Teams of student volunteers have helped villagers understand the dangers of pesticide, determine which fields are best suited to pilot projects, and develop strategies to educate the general population on the health benefits of eating organic produce. The volunteers also manage and promote the farmer’s market.