Leprosy Village Project

The leprosy village project is a project where students spend a two week period in a leprosy village helping to educate the villagers on health and hygiene. It is a collaboration with another NGO, HANDA, whose main purpose is this kind of education, but who was seeking volunteers in their effort to work with more villages. Exidea provides this education to each family in the village, doing surveys, preparing materials for each family, and designing posters for the whole village. Volunteers also prepare and deliver a performance on health issues in general. In addition, “values” and skills education is given to the children of the village to help them improve their ability to communicate with others, to learn handwork, music, dancing, and photography skills, and to learn about gratitude through the making of thank you cards for their families. Families are also given water filters and taught how to use them so that they can protect themselves through the use of clean water.