Miao Embroideries

From the villages of Yunnan Province in southern China come exquisite artisan textiles, hand-made by Miao minority women. The ancient trade routes of the Silk Road passed through this region, influencing the rich traditions reflected in these textiles, which have become known for their sophistication of design, richness of color, and intricate delicacy. Each piece stands alone as an expression of refinement, mystery, and beauty. Miao embroideries are created for every day use, as clothing and baby carriers, yet each piece is a work of art.

Miao embroideries range in price from $75 to $500 depending on the size and quality of each piece. Please contact centerforinterculturaled@gmail.com if you are interested in seeing and purchasing the embroideries.

The profits of all product sales help to fund programs which serve the people of rural Yunnan Province, China, promoting student volunteer-ism, working to preserve village artistic traditions, promoting environmental education, working for the alleviation of poverty housing, creating sanitation and water systems as well as increasing the quality and availability of education for rural children.

Each purchase from the Center brings the gift of artistic beauty, and also allows the purchaser to know they are helping to strengthen rural communities in China.