Orphanage Program

Another project initiated in the summer of 2008 is the orphanage project. One of the students met the director of the orphanage in the spring and discovered that there was a need to spend one month in other parts of China raising money to continue. The Director didn't know how she would manage the orphanage in her absence. During the next couple of months, students worked with her on a plan and when summer arrived, a team of students went to Lijiang County to live at the orphanage, teaching the students, organizing games, eating and sleeping with them until the Director could return with the needed money. This was such a successful project that the Director has requested that the students return each summer. Many of the orphans have become more confident in themselves after the experience with the university students. The university student leaders are currently looking for additional orphanages to help, as there are so many students volunteering for this project that there is a waiting list.