US Student Programs

The Center is offering a program of cross-cultural education, service, and travel in Yunnan Province, China. Students will spend one month in China, either during the winter break or summer break, and will focus on the cultures of the minority people who live throughout Yunnan Province. Yunnan is home to 26 of China’s 54 recognized minority groups and offers the greatest possibility of connection and knowledge. The program will also encourage deep connection with Chinese university students through both the educational and service components during the month’s stay.


The education component of the program will be in conjunction with the graduate students of Yunnan University, who are doing research in the area of minority studies. Graduate students will present their research to both the US and Chinese students, followed by a seminar based discussion by all students. Focus will be placed on studying the culture of the minorities that students will meet during the service and travel components


Students will live and volunteer in a minority village working alongside Chinese university students and villagers. All students will stay in village homes, eating traditional food, learning minority dances and songs and experiencing village life. Service projects can encompass issues of hygiene, water, cultural strengthening, environmental problems and education. The service project is based exclusively on what the villagers themselves feel that they need.


Students will travel in a region of Yunnan Province, exploring different minority sites and cultures, including, but not limited to, the Bai, Naxi, Tibetan, Hani, Dai, Wa, and Yi cultures. Accommodation will be in traditional guest houses and sites will include temples, monasteries, beautiful scenery, shops with traditional crafts, ancient villages and markets.

China Summer Minority Studies Program

Click here to download the itinerary for the 2011 China Summer Minority Studies Program.