Workshops, Speaking Engagements and Replication


The Center provides workshops for conferences or oganizations in the following areas:

  • Youth Leadership
  • Empowerment of youth
  • Youth social issues discussion groups
  • Creation of volunteer programs in the US or in other countries
  • Living a meaningful life making a difference in the world
  • Living in a foreign country
  • Project design and implementation

Speaking Engagements

The Center can provide speakers for programs, conferences or organizations in the US or any foreign country, on any of the topics listed above under workshops


The China student-led program can be replicated in other provinces in China or in any country throughout the world. It is our belief that unversity students, particularly in third world countries, have the greatest amount of creativity, enthusiasm and energy of anyone in their country. In addition, they are not locked into fixed policies and programs.
Young people, when empowered to do so, have the ability to lead their communities in new directions. The Center is available to travel to other countries and work with NGOs or local communities, to bring a spirit of volunteerism and empowerment of youth. We have templates that can be used to replicate the existing program in Yunnan Province.

Please email to inquire about the workshops, speaking engagements, and program replication.